Fuel for Life

Looking for a tasty way to get more protein in your diet? At Top Herd, we make delicious healthy snacks, like beef jerky and skinny salami, which are high in protein, 100% natural, gluten free & low in fat. A high protein diet is the secret to effective weight loss & also helps build muscle & tone. Get Top Herd’s nutritious snacks here and grab some fuel for life! 

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On top of your game

We'd like you to achieve your best year yet, so let us know what you are doing and we'll do our upmost to give you the support required to get you up and running and across the finish line. Eating more protein foods definitely helped us lose weight and improve our performance. We will be sharing our journey with you via our weekly blog "On Top of Your Game" where we talk about food, fitness and fashion. If you want to be a Top Herder follow the link and read more.

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As those famous philosophers Little Mix said “Ladies all across the world, listen up, we’re looking for recruits. If you’re with me let me see your hands, stand up and salute.” Like them, and in our small way, we are determined to shine a light on women’s sport and promote greater equality. We want women in all sport to be the norm, not the exception. It's time to join the sporting revolution.

Our beef jerky is a perfect sports nutrition protein snack and a savoury option to the sweeter protein bars currently on the market. If you would like to be a brand ambassador, and a member of our herd, we'll try our best to help you. Please email Philippa@topherd.co.uk as we'd love to hear from you. Guys, of course, may also apply.