Top Health

Sports nutrition sits high on our agenda here at the Top Herd Fitness Farm. We want our Top Herd snacks to inspire a life that keeps us in good health. We believe in eating a balanced diet that includes protein at every meal.

Benefits of protein:

  • Satisfy hunger and curb your appetite (regulating blood sugar levels).
  • Help build and maintain muscle tone.
  • Great for growing kids.
  • Help promote energy levels, as part of a wholesome, balanced diet.

Disclaimer: For optimum health, we believe in eating a balanced diet including protein, carbs and fats. Please visit your doctor, health advisor or nutritionist if you would like more information on your own personal requirements.

Our Herd

At Top Herd we're passionate about our animals. It is incredibly important to us that they're treated well and live happy lives.

We source all our grass fed beef from the Austrian Alps, which is the largest area of un-interrupted pasture in Europe.

In 2015 we paid a visit to Austria and were blown away by its beauty and farming community spirit. One of the farmers we met, Herr Heffer and his son George, explained to us that his family has been farming since 1776. He calls his relationship with his cows "a very special relationship where we live as one". His cows are 100% grass fed, and are let out at their pleasure to roam the Alps and eat as nature intended. Even when they come into their stalls for shelter from the cold and rain, the cows munch on fresh green grass. It's heart warming to see and reassuring to experience.

The latest research shows that grass fed animals, as opposed to grain fed animals, are considered nutritionally superior to any other meat, including organic.

We also met Harry and Tamara Roll, pig farmers from Southern Austria, who explained to us that the Austrians eat much more pork than the British, so the demand for leaner pork is much greater. They feed their pigs food that won't make them fat. Perfect for our tasty Honey Mustard Pork Jerky and Skinny Salami healthy snacks.