Our quest for sustainable meat, led us to a leaner, healthier life all round. We are fitter, stronger & healthier than ever before, largely because we now understand the benefits of protein in our diet. Put simply, eating more lean protein helped us stay fuller for longer, helped us tone up & better still it lifted our energy levels beyond compare. And when it comes to protein, you can't out protein good, lean meat.

Good for the planet

In our book, top notch meat is always responsibly farmed meat from sustainable sources. That means, happy animals who have been reared well by small family farmers who are aware of their impact and respect the environment. Our quest took us to the lush green pastures and wild flower meadows of the Austrian Alps and the pinnacle of eco-friendly farming.

Happily we met farmer Herr Heffer and his son George, whose family has been farming since 1776. He calls his relationship with his cows "a very special relationship where we live as one". His cows are 100% grass fed, and are let out at their pleasure to roam the Alps and eat as nature intended.

We also met Harry and Tamara Roll, pig farmers from Southern Austria, who explained to us that the Austrians eat much more pork than the British, so the demand for leaner pork is much greater. They feed their pigs food that won't make them fat.