Championing girls to #getoutside

If I had been a boy, I know I would have played football. I would have loved it.

I was pretty active growing up – dance, swimming, riding, the sorts of sports girls were encouraged to do. But when my brothers headed off to the park to kick a ball around with their mates, I was left sulking at home, excluded from the action. Most of my friends were more interested in learning how to apply eye liner or pad out their bras than they were in getting outside and joining in a team sport. Being sporty and outdoorsy just wasn’t something to aspire to, being skinny was. 

I did a bit of research and discovered that 1.73 million more men than women in the UK today engage in sport every week (8.73 million men 16 and over compared to 7.01 million women). Among kids the number who complete the recommended levels of physical activity per week drops from the age of 8 for girls but not for boys. By the time they are 14/15 boys are twice as active as girls.

But now that our appreciation of the female form is, how should I put it, a bit more rounded, and strong looking athletes like Jess Ennis Hill have replaced the skinny rakes of the 80s and 90s catwalks, it’s time women grabbed sport by the balls.

We’ve got to give these boys a run for their money. There are still outbreaks of old fashioned sexism, whether it’s over the treatment of female athletes in the British cycling squad, the equal pay row in tennis or sponsorship deals. 

We need to get active. We need to show girls it’s cool to be sporty, strong and not skinny.

Thank God the tide is turning. Although more men than women play sport, the number of women being active is increasing faster than the number of men. Brilliant campaigns like This Girl Can and the organisation Women in Sport, are promoting women’s sport at every level, from the elite to the grass roots, helping women to overcome the fear of being judged and pick up a racket, get on a bike, swim, #getoutside & be valued for what they can achieve not what they look like.

We’re making big strides – look how many more women play football on primetime, and how this years Women’s World Cup football has captured our National enthusiasm for the game. Our national cricket team make headlines, women now get paid to play netball, England won the Women’s Rugby World Cup, they are the European Cup Holders in Women’s Aussie Rules Football, Gold Olympic Winners in Hockey, Andy Murray appointed a woman as his coach and our spear toting standard bearer Clare Balding has her own sports chat show.

You see, it’s sassy to be sporty.

Here at Top Herd Towers we want to be part of this movement.  So banish those memories of soggy hockey pitches and saggy PE pants, instead it’s time to get active, get outside and join the women’s sporting revolution.

We’re in. Are you in? 

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