The Power of Protein

the power of protein

So things were going well with the weight loss programme.  We were doing everything right, eating all the correct foods, keeping an eye on how much we ate, and the pounds were dropping off. Result.

But then, just like every other method I’d tried, we hit a brick wall and couldn’t shift any more weight.

It was time for a new tactic. Exercise.

Time to swap snuggies for lycra and head for the gym.

At this point, I was feeling pretty pleased with myself – the new slimmer me – until I saw all these sleek toned creatures strutting around the changing room in their tiny exercise outfits – fitness models they called themselves. Bastards!

It quickly dawned on me that while I was definitely slimmer, I wasn’t very toned. My flabby arse drooped, my twin stretched stomach still flapped in the wind, my thighs were wide and cellulite ridden and my arms hung like bat wings. Not a pretty sight!

I wanted to lose the flab and find some abs, be comfortable wearing a bikini on the beach.

So where was I going wrong?

I heard that pilates and yoga were great for toning up, plus I had a bad back and apparently this form of exercise could help. After a few months I had been stretched like a bungee cord and folded like a deckchair – it was all very amusing but I didn’t see any difference in my shape or tone (although my bad back was significantly better).

Next I tried cardio classes. Everybody said that burning calories was good for weight loss. I hammered away on the treadmill and spun at the spinning classes. It was interesting, if rather exhausting and still there was little progress in my quest for a toned body.

It was then that I noticed that those fitness models types –  men and women – were tucked away in a corner of the gym lifting weights.

Now I always associated weight lifting with muscle bound mankini clad Chippendale types, flaunting their oiled biceps. But these guys were more Daniel Craig than Dwayne Johnson. The girls were long, lean and toned and I had to admit, bang on trend. Thank God for pin ups like Ellie Golding and Jessica Ennis who’ve shown that it’s hip to be healthy. They’re fit, not freak. They’ve got great muscle definition rather than impossibly tiny waists. There’s nothing manufactured about them. They’re part of a new club, and it was a club I wanted to join.

I did a bit of research – OK I stalked these guys and begged them to divulge their secrets.

They explained that it’s not just about dieting or just about exercising, it’s a combination of the two, finding a balance, working out what works for your body. But the word that kept coming up was PROTEIN.

Protein foods, they said, were the key to getting toned, looking younger and leaner. Protein foods help to build muscle, and  having more muscle means you burn more calories and fat over a longer period of time, which means more weight loss!

Sounded logical all this sports nutrition chat, but I worried I might end up looking like a Russian shot putter.

They re-assured me, however, that it would be practically impossible for me to get butch and bulky because I don’t have nearly as much muscle mass or testosterone in my system as the lads.

So at last, I was finally on the right track – from now on my life would be high protein foods & fitness all the way.

But with no tasty, convenient, on-the-go protein brands on the market for a busy mum like me, Simon and I had all the impetus we needed to create a completely new and healthy, high protein snack and get our beef jerky business up and running.

Why not keep a pack of yummy jerky in your desk at work, or in your hand bag for when the hunger devil strikes.  Now there is no excuse to fall of track. You can thank you me later.

Love Philippa x

 “You haven’t tasted jerky until you have tasted Top Herd Jerky” – Dr Emil Hodzovic (A&E doctor, Fitness model and Team Box Coach) **


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