LAUNCH DAY – Our Love Lean Salami Snack hit the market

Seven years ago I hurt my back badly, was unable to walk & was confined to a wheel chair. I recovered, although I was still in a lot of pain and got pregnant with twins. The babies were born but I really struggled to look after them on my own. My body was twisted & weak and I was hugely overweight. Worst of all I felt like I had lost my mind in the process.

Three years ago, when the twins were two and ready for nursery, I decided to get better; to help myself; to get strong (not skinny) both in my mind and my body and to fix myself by eating more a lot more lean protein and exercise. Eventually I found my way and today I’m a much happier, fitter, stronger version of my former self.

On route, and frustrated by the lack of 100% natural, high protein healthy savoury snacks available, Simon and I started Top Herd after creating our own home made meat snacks in our kitchen at home.

Coincidently around the same time, the twins were given a Peperami stick by a well meaning friend. Every child (& most adults) I know seem to love this meat snack, and inevitably they were devoured in minutes.  But after looking at the ingredient list I was aghast at the levels of fat, preservatives and additives which went into these meat snacks. The fat content alone is 42%. And to think that this was a £40m business; which meant that a awful lot of these unhealthy snacks were being consumed by a lot of little people. 

I was intrigued & convinced that we could make a 100% natural version of this popular meat snack and give everyone a healthy alternative for their lunch boxes.

Our LOVE LEAN SALAMIS SNACKS are 100% natural, high in protein, low in fat (less than 7% compared with a Peperami which are 42% fat) and gluten free to boot and are absolutely delicious. We love them, our twins love them and in fact, every one I know loves them. Plus, the best thing about them is that we have made them the same price as a Peperami – just £1.00 per stick.

The health of our family and our kids is something we all want to improve. We all want happy and healthy kids, that concentrate in school, do well, feel good, are balanced, enjoy physical activity, and are generally full of life and health, and good nutrition forms the basis for this.

Love Philippa x


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