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I’ll be honest a few years ago I was a bit funny about meat – I enjoyed the taste of meat but at the same time often felt guilty and worried about eating it. Back then I was the kind of person who used to read media headlines and believe everything that they said was true. 

This all changed a few years after I hurt myself while trekking in Nepal. After slipping a disc in my lower back, I under went emergency spinal surgery after the doctors got worried I was suffering with a suspected cauda equina syndrome – this is a condition when the slipped disc starts to negatively affect the nerves in your bladder and bowel. I was confined to a wheel chair for a year and was in and out of hospital on a regular occurrence.  I recovered and while I was still in excruciating pain, I miraculously got pregnant with twins – which was of course joyful, but I then suffered with terrible morning sickness so ate to sedate the feeling.

The twins were born and that was when the really hard work began. The love poured out of my heart and into my boys, but there was none left for me. I suffered terribly – and for the first time in my life I had to come to terms with the fact that I was weak, immobile and very fat. 

When the twins were around two, and after much soul searching, I decided that it was time to put ‘me’ first. I had to get fit and strong and regain my health. I wanted my boys to be happy and healthy but I needed to lead from the front and show them how it is done.

I dived into research mode and was on a quick learning curve.  Careful, regular exercise PLUS, cutting back on all processed food especially carbs; eating a lot more animal protein – especially meat – was the name of the game. ‘Quality’ protein would help rebuild my muscle and get me strong again, whilst also helping me diet and lose weight.

It was easy to cook up delicious meat dishes while at home, but what should I do when I was out and about?  Now that I had regained my confidence I went on the prowl for 100% natural, meat snacks that I could eat on a daily basis. I needed a high protein snack that would fit into my hectic twin mum life and serve me when I was hungry or too busy to cook. When I couldn’t find a brand that I liked, or that was completely natural, it was time to make my own – soon after that moment,  Top Herd was born.

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And to show you the extent of my physical and emotional transformation – thats me on the left when I was  in hospital hooked up to my morphine drip which helped control the pain. That’s my Mum sitting in my wheel chair.  Weirdly I don’t have that many photos of my time in hospital probably because I was deeply unhappy (apologies for the terrible quality).   The photo on the right is my first wild swimming experience in Wales earlier in the summer.

A few years of eating well, losing weight, regular exercise, cutting back on processed carbs, eating a lot more lean, quality protein and I’m slimmer, fitter, stronger and healthier than I’ve ever been before. Health brings along with it a dollop of confidence too – wild swimming is invigorating, and despite the cold, the feeling of being so embedded in nature, of being pounded by a cascading waterfall is simply awesome. The sheer strength of the water would have broken me a few years back, now it totally re-energised me. It was the best experience I had all summer. 

If you are stuck in a rut, unable to change and need any inspiration, I urge you to dig deep and start to take small steps forward. Once you are looking forward, keep going, don’t stop. You’ll be amazed how far you can go too.

And now you are here, why not pop over to our shop and check out all our snacks. If “lack of time” is my continual enemy I’m guessing it is the same for you too, so why not take the plunge and click on this link now.

Philippa x


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