Top Herd Joins the Daily Mile Run

The health of our kids matter and with obesity on the rise its imperative that we help our kids understand the importance of eating well, and keeping active.

Here at Top Herd we are passionate about good health which is why this September we’ve been out and about supporting schools in our local community to get kids active with the Daily Mile Run. 

Getting kids to run around every day for at least 15 minutes per day helps them burn energy; feel good; bond with friends; breath in the fresh air, get their lungs working; build muscle and feel a sense of achievement.  

When our twins aren’t running around the school field, here are some of the ways that we all keep fit and active.

  1. I have always loved to exercise and this summer we’ve all spent more time outside, getting more in tune with nature and using the natural resources of the landscape to keep us all fit, active and moving.
  2. We talk about going on adventures and finding treasure. It’s amazing how little children can buy into this idea and how a bog standard walk around the block to get the news paper can suddenly become something so much more.
  3. The black berry season started early this year and we have spent many happy afternoons on foraging adventures picking blackberries and then coming home to scoff the lot.
  4. I’m obsessed with getting my boys swimming. While they go for their weekly 30 minute swimming lesson I go for a quick dip too and while I probably have 20 mins max in the pool, a few speedy lengths soon sees me exhausted. I call it my swimming HIT session.
  5. Join up with another family and go hiking. We find that if we are on our own, getting the boys to walk for much longer than 20 minutes is hard and they start to moan. But if we hook up with some other kids, and they can go for hours and hours. We love it too because we get to see our pals and also have a chit chat.
  6. What ever the weather, Simon loves to wild swim and relishes finding new locations where he can have a dip. The boys have really caught the bug too and love any opportunity they get to jump into the cold water. Brrrr. 
  7. I wouldn’t exactly say gardening is our thing but we do like to get out side, tidy up, cut back the bushes and having a general garden clear out. We get the twins involved as much as we can too.
  8. My boys know that I value exercise and that its something I do every day. I talk about it very positively and in doing so try to re-enforce why its important. As they grow, I want that positive, active mindset to become ingrained in their very sense of being.
  9. I want them to enjoy team sport and make it an important part of their lives. To encourage them I am actively involved in the local football and cricket club and have on occasion been known to pull on my football boots (yes, I do have a pair) and help coach the under sixes. Hilarious, as I know nothing about football. 
  10. I admit I fib about the internet. We moved house recently and I told the twins that in our new village no body plays video games. Ok – they are only six and it won’t last, but the longer I can keep them outside, and away from that world, the happier I will be.
  11. I always have some healthy snacks to keep the boys energised and their hunger at bay. Our LOVE LEAN SALAMI SNACKS are always very popular with who ever we are with at the time.  Plus, you can keep them in your bag, or in the car for days if you, or they,  get an emergency hunger pang.
  12. Why not pop over to our shop now and bag your self a few LOVE LEAN SALAMI sticks so next time you are outside, being active, you and the family have a healthy snack to enjoy when the hunger devil strikes.


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