We source all our beef and pork from small, traditional family run farms in the Austrian Alps. These small holdings have been passed down the generations and are still very much a way of life out in Austria. These farmers let their small herds of cattle out to graze in the meadows and grassy pastures of the Alps just as nature intended. Austria also has a very strict animal welfare system. More information on our animals, visit our About Us page.

New research has shown that meat from grass fed cattle (rather than grain fed cattle) is nutritionally superior to other meat as it is richer in nutrients like omega 3 and lower in fat.

We believe that meat used from grass fed animals is nutritionally superior to any other meat, including organic meat.

When we started our Top Herd Jerky company we did, of course, want to stay British. We quickly discovered however, that there are only a handful of Jerky manufacturers here in the UK and none of these companies wanted to help us. We eventually partnered with The Meat Makers in beautiful Lithuania (which is part of the EU) who specialise in making all natural meat products. The company is run by two wonderful people – Aivaras and Mantas – who have been instrumental in helping us start our company and who we now consider friends. After much discussion regarding meat logistics, it made absolutely no sense, both morally and financially, to buy meat from the UK, ship it to Lithuania and then back again a few weeks later. In terms of the global ecological foot print we would be creating, we would be causing more harm than good. Instead, we decided to source our meat from nearby Austria for all the reasons stated above. We have visited the farms and the manufacturing unit to check for ourselves that we were happy and have done a lot of research on the quality of grass fed beef which inspired us further.

We initially made the Jerky in our kitchen using home bought specialised equipment. We learnt everything we could about the art of air drying meat, a system which had been perfected by our ancestors for many thousands of years. This method of preservation intensifies the flavours whilst preserving all the nutrients, which can so often be destroyed through traditional cooking methods like frying or roasting. When we realised that we had to upscale production, we partnered with some specialist manufacturers, who really are masters of mighty good meat.

Creating our own Jerky and Skinny Salamis healthy snacks was a lot of fun, but its very time consuming as each batch takes about a week to make. There was no way we were going to be able to upscale without some help. After a lot of research and hunting around we found and partnered up with The Meat Makers in beautiful Lithuania; an EU country that excels in producing top quality dried meats. Lithuania is a beautiful and relatively unknown country, with beautiful beaches, brilliant kite surfing and wonderful historic cities like the Capital Vilnius, with restaurants and designer shops galore. It’s well worth putting on the bucket list of top places to visit if ever you get the chance.

All our Jerky and Love Lean Salami snacks are made using gluten free ingredients. We are officially laboratory certified as gluten free.

We can absolutely guarantee that there are no preservatives or additives in any of our Jerky or Skinny Salami healthy snacks. We also promise that we have only used 100% natural ingredients in all our products.

We are 100% sure. We promise. The reason we can make jerky with a long shelf life is because of the way we preserve the meat. By slowly air-drying the meat over the course of a week, the moisture that lives deep in the cells is evaporated into the air thus making it safe to eat. Plus, the spices we have used in our marinades have naturally occurring preservatives in them as well. These spices also help to soften and tenderise the jerky during the drying process. As long as the Jerky and Salamis are kept in air tight foil packaging it will not spoil until it is opened. Oxygen scavengers or oxygen absorbers are also placed inside the pack to help remove any remnants of oxygen left in the package after it has been sealed. They are completely safe but please do not to eat them!

Our Top Herd Jerky and Skinny Salami products are high protein, low fat, gluten free healthy snacks made with 100% natural ingredients. Unlike most jerky brands, we have never used any preservatives or additives in any of our products. We also believe our products taste amazing and are quite different to most jerky’s out there – try our Chilli & Lime Turkey Jerky or our Tangy Tomato Beef Jerky, or if you have a sweeter tooth you might find that the Honey Mustard Pork Jerky becomes your firm favourite.

And of course there’s also our Skinny Salamis. How are they different? Well, there’s 2 in each pack for a start and they are 5 to 6 times lower in fat than some of their incredibly distant relatives you’ll find in the shops at the moment. Plus each stick is only 55 calories! The Brucey bonus is that kids love them.

Depending on your own personal goals, whether they be fitness or associated with weight loss/ maintenance, our products can offer a boost of protein for relatively few calories. All our 35g packs of jerky come in around 100 calories, with the 70g bags coming in around the 200 calorie mark.

We firmly believe that eating a small amount of protein at every meal will help manage any weight issues as protein keeps you fuller for longer. It also helps to build and replenish lost muscle tissue which in turn will help burn fat and help you look stronger and leaner. The maximum amount of protein the body can digest at any one time is roughly between 30 – 40g (that’s roughly a small chicken breast), so labelling the packaging as we have done allows consumers to know exactly how much protein they will get from each product and will in turn help them manage their daily protein intake. A brilliant on the go solution to a growing concern. More information about the benefits of protein can be found on the About Us page.

Do not worry. This white film you find is perfectly natural to Jerky and Love Lean Salamis and definitely is not mould. It is actually the pure protein that comes to the surface during the drying process. You often find a similar white coating on other salami products.