When we started our Top Herd Jerky company we did, of course, want to stay British. We quickly discovered however, that there are only a handful of Jerky manufacturers here in the UK and none of these companies wanted to help us. We eventually partnered with The Meat Makers in beautiful Lithuania (which is part of the EU) who specialise in making all natural meat products. The company is run by two wonderful people – Aivaras and Mantas – who have been instrumental in helping us start our company and who we now consider friends. After much discussion regarding meat logistics, it made absolutely no sense, both morally and financially, to buy meat from the UK, ship it to Lithuania and then back again a few weeks later. In terms of the global ecological foot print we would be creating, we would be causing more harm than good. Instead, we decided to source our meat from nearby Austria for all the reasons stated above. We have visited the farms and the manufacturing unit to check for ourselves that we were happy and have done a lot of research on the quality of grass fed beef which inspired us further.

April 14, 2016

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